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  • How much time does it take an architect to design a house?
    Architects often take two to five months to complete floor plans, which include all construction drawings and documents required for new construction approval, such as blueprints.
  • What is the cost of construction per sq ft in Karachi?
    The cost of construction starts from Rs 1200/- per square foot Labour rate. The material will provide by the owner. With finishing cost will start from Rs 4000 per square foot with a standard quality finishing house. If the owner goes for premium quality then the price will be changed.
  • How is construction cost calculated in Karachi?
    Construction cost calculation is so simple. First of all, Calculate the total covered area of your house floor plan and multiply by the total per square feet rate given by your contractor/ builder. For Example Total covered area of 240 square yards of the double-story house is 4500 square feet and the contractor rate is Rs 3000 per square foot. =4500 cover area X Rs 3000 per sq ft = Rs1,35,00,000 is the total construction cost.
  • What is the per square feet cost of Grey Structure in Karachi?
    The cost of a 500 square yards grey structure with a basement is Rs 2500 per Square feet rate in DHA Karachi.
  • What is the construction cost of 500 Square yards in Karachi?
    It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate of the construction cost for a 500 square yard project in Karachi without more information about the specific details of the project. Factors such as the type of construction (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial), the materials and finishes being used, and the location of the site can all have a significant impact on the construction cost. Additionally, the construction cost in Karachi can vary depending on the current state of the market and the availability of labor and materials. It is best to consult with a local builder or contractor to get a more accurate estimate of the construction cost for your specific project
  • How do calculate an architect's fees?
    Architects' fees are calculated by per square foot, an hourly rate, a lump sum payment, or a percentage of the total construction costs. The cost of a design is estimated by the complexity of the design, the size of the project, and the services provided.
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