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Latest Steel Price Per Ton In Pakistan July 2022

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Steel / Sariya rates in Pakistan increasing day by day, the steel per ton increased up to Rs100,000/- in 5 months.

Due to the Pakistani Rupee's fall versus the US Dollar, steel prices in Pakistan are rising daily. Saria iron bars measuring 3 to 4 sutar or soot (10–12 mm) are important for building construction. In Pakistan, steel iron bars are commonly referred to as "sariya." The price per kilogram of steel increases every day. Usually, it is priced per kilogram, per metric tonne, and per steel iron rod.

Latest Steel rates in Pakistan July 2022 are below:

Steel Company

Steel rate per ton

Amreli Steel

PKR 2,32,000/-

Naveena Steel

PKR 2,30,000/-

Agha Steel

PKR 2,28,000/-

S.A.J Steel

PKR 2,25,000/-

H.S.J Steel

PKR 2,20,000/-


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